About us

Footsteps is an Israeli tour company, dealing with travel to Israel.

Footsteps was set up to offer the best possible experience for the traveler to Israel. The company will be able to offer clients touring Israel hands-on expert and comprehensive information, explanation and background detail.

Footsteps is able to put together the best package for you and make it the best experienc

Footsteps is able to cater to any unique requests of its clients, from a tour to Israel to an underwater wedding. The company will cater for any unique requests or interests and smoothly integrate such specifications with tours and activities. All this will be accomplished with the knowledge and experience of the staff of footsteps with the close contact with you the client, and the use of top guides in Israel.

The owner of footsteps Howie had the first Jewish under water wedding over in 1990.

What makes footsteps special and different is that we are the source and not another agent or representative.

Your contact is with us directly.

We tailor each itinerary and tour to every client, according to your wishes and wants.

We build a wide range of tours from Jewish to Christian tours. Adventure and culture tours.

All our guides are native English speaking, so they speak your language.

We can cater to any size group from 1 person to 300.

Footsteps was setup by Howie Bergson.

Howie is Canadian born and has been living in Israel since 1973.

Howie Bergson served in the Israeli army in the elite engineering core and then continued to serve on the most elite bomb squad in Jerusalem.

Howie has walked and hiked through the land of Israel from youth, and this giving him the expertise knowledge of the country.

Howie is a tour guide with a B.A. degree in land of Israel sciences from Bar Ilan University.


He is licensed by the Israel ministry of tourism and possesses the coveted touring expert license.


He has over 25 years’ experience in the tourist industry working with large and small groups, specializing in many different areas of interest.

He enjoys the trust and loyalty of literally thousands of satisfied clients.