Do you offer group tours or package tours?

Sorry, no. footsteps ONLY offers customized private tours. We have no way of combining tours. If you come to us as a group we can put together a customized group for you, but if you wish to JOIN a group of other tourists for a tour we unfortunately do not offer this option.

Do you book hotels or do we need to book our own hotels?

We book hotels for you according to the standard that you want.

You MAY book your own hotels, but we do strongly urge you to book through us, or at least allow us to quote you on hotel options. If you book on your own we take no part in case of problems with your reservation and do not get involved. We have excellent relationships and our hotel pricing is better than what you will get if you book directly from the hotel, and we promise you that booking through us is a better bet than one of the online hotel booking sites since our personal relationship with the hotels means you will always get exactly what you booked and no nasty surprises. We do not work with ALL hotels in Israel, but we work with SELECTED PARTNERS who we know through experience are giving you the best option in a category.

How much do your tours cost?

This is the tough question. We can give you a ballpark price once we  have a basic itinerary put together , when  we know how many people are travelling, when you will be travelling, an idea of what you are interested in seeing. The main reason that the rates aren’t posted on our site is that the final price depends on many factors, such as • How many people will be touring? • What size and style of vehicle will you need? • Will this vehicle need a driver as well as a guide? • Depending on the guide and final itinerary, the guide might need overnight stays which do cost extra. • Will you be booking your own hotels or would you like for us to do that for you? • What level of hotel would you prefer? • Any other special requests? Once we have answered the questions above us can give you a solid quote.

How long are your tours?

The length of time for your tour, which is a private tour, is totally up to you. It may be anywhere from one full day of touring to a few weeks. It’s up to you.

We tailor to your wants and needs.

What kind of vehicles do you offer?

In Israel guides own and driver their own vehicle. The vehicles are all specially licensed by the ministry of tourism and have special licensing. The make and model of vehicle varies, but most commonly they own a 6 passenger seat van – always a late model, air conditioned van in tip-top condition. For tours of more than 6 people it is necessary to have a van or bus with a separate driver. These vary from 9 seater vans to 50 seat buses. All buses and vans are clean, comfortable and of course air conditioned.

What is the perfect length of time to visit Israel?

I always say that you need a minimum of 7 days, and up to 14 days to see almost everything. I always say that you never get see everything. I personally have been touring through Israel for more than 35 years and still find new sites and activities. It all depends on the time you have and we will work around that to offer you the best itinerary to suit your needs.

How long in advance should I book?

It’s never too early to book. Spring Break, May through June or Christmas time – These are our peak seasons and our guides tend to get booked up a long time in advance we suggest booking at least a year in advance. The earlier you contact us the better the chance you will get that specific guide that you want. For all other months we recommend booking at least 6 months in advance whenever possible. Of course if you have a last minute tour we will be more than happy to do our best to accommodate you.

Can I just show up and arrange tours from day to day?

You can try. However you are risking not having a guide available and you are severely limiting the kind of activities that we can offer you. Many of our most popular activities must be booked in advance and cannot be arranged from one day to the next. We always recommend that you contact us at least a few weeks in advance to arrange a tour for the best results.